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ESTHER Can Now Receive Your Thrivent Choice Dollars

Thrivent Financial: Connecting faith & finances for goodStarting in the fall of 2016, ESTHER became an eligible recipient of Thrivent Choice Dollars. If you own a qualifying Thrivent Financial product, have been invited to designate recipients of Thrivent Choice Dollars, and would like to support ESTHER in this way, here's what you need to know:

You can designate recipients of your Thrivent Choice dollars either on the web or by telephone.

On the web, visit and log in using your username and password. Then search for ESTHER in the catalog of eligible organizations. Select ESTHER-Neenah and either check the box to direct all Choice Dollars to ESTHER or enter an amount; then click on “Direct Now.”

If you prefer to make your election by phone, call 800-847-4836, then say “Thrivent Choice” when prompted. Tell the customer service person you would like to direct your Choice Dollars to ESTHER-Neenah. The call will take only a few minutes.

Thank you for supporting ESTHER!

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