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Our Challenge Together: Building a Beloved Community

ESTHER: Building Community…

ESTHER strives to bridge the many divides that separate us:

  • Madison Action Day 2013We’re working to reduce the overuse of incarceration by promoting treatment alternatives and fixing a broken parole system
  • We’re getting to know the marginalized in our midst and working with them to tell their stories throughout our community
  • We’re helping ordinary people find their voices by teaching them how to organize and build power in their community
  • We’re meeting with elected officials, asking them to keep humanity and fair treatment, not partisan talking points, at the forefront.

In all these ways and more, were bridging religious, racial, ethnic, and cultural divides by lifting up a vision we all can share—of the Beloved Community. We need your support as we continue trying to make this vision a reality.

Will you help ESTHER build its financial strength by claiming a $7,000 challenge grant before December 31? (See our progress here.)

Yes, I'll Help!

Becoming a Beloved Community…

Press Conference Sikh Property TaxesWill you help us build our financial strength as an organization, so that we can be a force for positive change in our community for years to come? Here’s how!

For the third time, some close friends of ESTHER have challenged us to secure more in contributions this year than ever before. The challengers know that we can’t build community and challenge injustice effectively over the long run without a solid financial base.

Fr. Joe and José

So, for the remainder of 2017, for every new dollar given to ESTHER the challengers will contribute an additional dollar, up to $7,000 in all. Read more about the terms of the challenge grant and see our progress here.

Then please make your gift: Click on the button below. Or send us a check postmarked by December 31.

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