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Victory! In-state Tuition for Immigrants in Wisconsin

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In the Wisconsin state budget agreed by the two houses and now signed by Governor Jim Doyle, provision for in-state tuition for undocumented students is included!  Wisconsin has become the 11th state to offer in-state college tuition to its undocumented students.

Thank you to all who gathered support from elected officials, agencies, rallied and phoned representatives in support of these measures. Hundreds of students each year will have access to higher education because of the work we have done.  Thank your legislators for taking this strong stand for immigrants and higher education! 

This victory is bittersweet.  We did not obtain driver cards for immigrants living in the state.  This recent work has brought about a stronger coalition including police chiefs, mayors, religious leaders, the dairy industry, associations of higher education, and more.  We have a stronger base to re-introduce this provision and we will press on towards winning driver cards in the state of Wisconsin.

 See Basilisa, a member of ESTHER, on TV during a recent rally at the Capitol in Madison.


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