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Moving Forward Together

Bishop Ricken meets with ESTHER, JOSHUA leaders. Praises work, reinstates CCHD collection, and calls for partnership.

February 17, 2011

Green Bay Bishop David Ricken held a meeting yesterday with Catholic leaders and priests working with ESTHER and JOSHUA as well as a meeting with the elected leaders of the organizations.  In these meetings Bishop Ricken praised the work of ESTHER and JOSHUA, citing particularly our recent impact around shelter for the homeless and work in support of immigrant rights.  Ricken also announced the reinstatement of the CCHD collection in the Diocese, set “partnership” instead of “membership” as the way Catholic parishes will participate in ESTHER and JOSHUA in the future, and promised the formation of a diocesan Commission on Living Justice in the fall.

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Faith and Immigration

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Faith communities support comprehensive immigration reform to; keep families united, support those that are oppressed, advocate for human dignity, and promote safe and smart border enforcement.   Resources are listed below to learn what your faith denomination says about immigrant rights.

The Gamaliel National Clergy Caucus has written this theological statement on comprehensive immigration reform based on the shared values of our varied faith traditions.


Catholic Church (US Conference of Bishops): website, statement

Episcopal Church: website, statement

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: website, statement

Presbyterian Church: website, statement

Unitarian Universalist Association: website, statement

United Church of Christ: website, statement

United Methodist Church: website, statement

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism: website, statement

LUNA Youth: We have a dream! DREAM Act 2010

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The youth in LUNA, organized by ESTHER, created a video at their back-to-school kick-off.  Listen to their stories and most importantly take action to support the DREAM Act! 

Contact your Senators and Congressperson and tell them that we need the DREAM Act passed now!  Here is a link to take action:

Click the link below to watch the video on youtube:

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