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Sponsor Spotlight: The Cozzy Corner

The Cozzy Corner 2021 Yearbook AdInterview with Phillip Bennett: Co-owner of The Cozzy Corner

ESTHER wishes to recognize Phillip Bennett and his wife, Heidi, proprietors of The Cozzy Corner, a soul food restaurant in downtown Appleton. 

Phillip and Heidi purchased The Cozzy Corner about a year ago from their friend Tasha. It is one of many businesses that they own and manage. They also own a clothing store in the Fox River Mall, a barber shop and multiple properties in Appleton.

Phillip has a long and accomplished history in the Fox Valley. After his early release from prison in 2008, he moved to Appleton, obtained a machining degree from Fox Valley Technical College and began work at Neenah Foundry. During his ten years of employment there,  Phillip was promoted to supervisor, making him the first Black man hired as a supervisor at the foundry.  

Moving on from this job, he and his wife opened a barbershop and then, in the Fox River Mall, a clothing store. As they were building these businesses, they hired formerly incarcerated individuals to work for them. Phillip and Heidi found that their employees had difficulty finding housing because of their history. So, this couple offered a hand up and purchased properties and rented them out to their employees.

Last year, the Bennetts purchased The Cozzy Corner before the pandemic hit and are proud to report that they are busier than ever.  

Phillip grew up in Chicago, but his family is from Yazoo, Mississippi. He changed a few new items to the original menu. He added smothered pork chops, greens, and beans to the list. All of it is good, and all are welcome to share a meal and to say “Hi” to Phillip and Heidi when you pick up your next order.

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