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Past Actions

Video: Fall Gathering 2022

Our Fall Gathering was a huge success. Thank you to all who helped make this possible, and all who participated. 

Anyone who would like to watch the video can find it online:

Please enjoy and share your feedback. 


Prayer Services


Isaiah 58
Prayer and Fast for Immigrant Rights
Stand with our Brothers and Sisters in Arizona
This, rather, is the fasting that I wish: releasing those bound unjustly, untying the thongs of the yoke; setting free the oppressed, breaking every yoke; sharing your bread with the hungry, sheltering the oppressed and the homeless; clothing the naked when you see them, and not turning your back on your own. - Isaiah 58: 6-7


ESTHER, Faith Communities to Hold Prayer Vigils for Immigrant
Brothers and Sisters in Arizona, Wisconsin and Across the Country


Tuesday, July 13th     Saturday, July 17th (Culminating Service)
6:00 PM     6:00 PM
Emmanuel United Methodist Church     Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
(Spanish interpretation available)    (Spanish interpretation available)


Inspired by Isaiah 58, which teaches us that a “true fast” is undertaken in service of “loosening the chains of injustice. 
Take time to pray and fast for 30 minutes during the week of July 11-17. This movement is part of a national effort that includes 8 weeks of prayer rolling from one group of states to the next to engage people of faith in the assigned states in constant prayer and public prayer events and advocacy for immigration reform. 
The recent anti-immigration law in Arizona has galvanized faith communities across the nation to take a stand with immigrants against the divisiveness and injustice that have characterized the U.S. immigration debate. Wisconsin’s vigil week is from July 11 through July 17.
ESTHER is participating in this event in conjunction with the Interfaith Immigration Coalition.
Two prayer services will be held to stand in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters and to pray for the passage of comprehensive immigration reform. In addition, individuals will commit themselves to 30 minutes of prayer or meditation and fasting throughout the week.
For more information, contact Ana Wilson at (920) 209-0498.

Put a Cap on Predatory Payday Lending

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WISDOM Religious Leaders Call on the State of Wisconsin to Rid our State of Predatory Lending
“While we are encouraged to see the Assembly working to curb the payday lending industry, without an interest rate cap these measures will not do enough to make an impact on the harmful effects these loans have on our communities.”                   -       Nancy Holmlund, WISDOM President
On Tuesday, February 9th members of the state legislature will announce a predatory payday lending bill that falls short of measures to enact sufficient regulation on an industry that has been allowed to engulf our state and take advantage of those with economic strains. While limiting rollovers and allowing only one loan to be drawn at a time will have an impact. There is great concern that the industry will find loopholes around the proposed legislation as has been demonstrated in other states across the country; without a rate cap, we are not guaranteed that the predatory lending practices of payday lenders will be ended.

Click here to read more

Why this issue is important to communities of faith

Predatory Payday Lending Talking Points

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Join ESTHER in a Discussion on Immigration Reform
With Gabriel Gonzlalez

Saturday, November 21st 4:00-5:30pm
At St. Therese, Appleton (213 E Wisconsin Ave)

Gabriel González, is the Director of the National Immigratin Campaign at the Center for Community Change in Washington DC. He will discuss with us the up-coming immigration reform campaign. Bring your questions and your ideas for action.

May 12 - Immigrant Rights Vigil

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Taking Action in the Fox Valley

Date: Tuesday, May 12th
Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Location: First United Methodist Church, Appleton  (325 East Franklin Street)

Tuesday, May 12 marks the first anniversary of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid on Postville, Iowa.  To stand in solidarity with the 389 people who were detained and their families, a nationwide day of remembrance has been declared to promote awareness of the devastating effects of raids.  Postville is a small American town with a population of just over 2,000 people, about 20 miles from the Wisconsin border.

While this story is one of great tragedy, it is also a triumph of justice as it brought faith communities together to respond to the need of addressing comprehensive immigration reform and calling an end to immigration raids.

Vigil is open to the public, join us!

The story of one of the largest immigration raids in US history at a kosher meatpacking plant will be revisited with a prayer vigil of solidarity on this first anniversary of the event through hundreds of events across the nation.

Program to include a trailer of a yet-to-be-released documentary “abUSed", produced in Postville and Guatemala by filmmaker Luis Argueta, testimonials and supportive documents that call for an end to the raids and true comprehensive immigration reform.
We will use this time to remember the events and take action towards the powerful potential we have for change as faith communities to build a community that includes all of the residents in the Fox Valley, the state and our nation.  We do not need people hiding in the shadows!

Click here for the Vigil Flyer.

Event is sponsored by the ESTHER Immigration Task Force.

Leadership Training

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Powerful Leaders for Justice - 2 Day Leadership Training

Friday, May 15th – Saturday, May 16th

6:00pm with dinner on Friday, through 4:00pm on Saturday
St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, 2040 Hillside Lane,  Green Bay

Suggested Minimum Donation of $25

About this training opportunity:
Powerful Leaders for Justice is a unique training opportunity.  WISDOM (our state-wide network) in partnership with ESTHER and JOSHUA has taken key community organizing concepts from Gamaliel national weeklong training and has condensed it into a two-day program.  This training will provide leadership skills and action tools for those wanting to make powerful change in their communities.  English and Spanish tracks will be offered.
You will learn about what it means to be a powerful leader, how your own interests can be an aid in changing the community, methods of relationship building and how to “cut” an issue, putting into action steps toward positive change. 

What is included?
Meals and snacks will be provided beginning with dinner on Friday through breakfast and lunch on Saturday.  Housing will be available through host families for those not residing in Green Bay.  Childcare will be provided at the church during training sessions only.

We have limited space for participants. Register today!

Click here to download the registration form.


Health Care in 2009

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How to Win the Fight for Health Care in 2009


Date: Thursday, May 14th


Time: 6:30pm

Location: Trinity Episcopal Church, Oshkosh (311 Division Street)


This event will provide an update on the major issues of affordable and accessible health care for all in the national debate and the legislative prossess.  The event will also provide health care reform advocates with the key message points needed to carry this historic battle to victory.  Event sponsored by our partner, Citizen Action of Wisconsin.


Legislative Update!

Joint Finance Committee Passes Budget

In April, ESTHER and 9 other affiliates of WISDOM spoke out in support of in-state tuition and driver's cards for immigrant working families.  We are beginning to see the fruit of our work! 

Included! In-State College Tuition for Immigrant Students

On Friday, May 22nd the Joint Finance Committee voted in favor of in-state college tuition fees for immigrant students graduating from Wisconsin high schools. 

 Included! Driver's Cards for Immigrant Workers

The Joint Finance Committee 12-4 along party lines to approve an amendment to the state budget to include driver's cards for immigrants.  This critical step in the legislative process was the result of the hard work that has been achieved collectively by members of the Coalition for Safe Roads and supporters. 

 Read more about the importance of in-state tuition and driver's cards.


But WAIT!  We are not quite there yet!

LATEST: Driver's card amendment passes Joint Finance Committee 12-4.  Now we have to convince the rest of the legislators! 

Sign the petition!


Call your legislators and tell them to pass a budget that includes in-state tuition and driver's cards for immigrants and pass it FAST!

Ask them to support the Driver Card provision in the State Budget.
To find your legislators, click here: Who is my representative?
You can also call the legislative hotline at 1-800-362-9472.

Some Helpful Advice for When you Call your Legislators:

  • Give them your name and let them know that you live in their district.  They may ask for your contact information.
  • Ask them to support the Driver Card provision in the 2009-2011 State Budget.  Tell them why this is important to you.
  • If they support the Driver Card provision, thank them for being a supporter.




Driver Cards and In-State Tuition Pass through the Assembly!

On June 13th, the Assembly passed Driver Cards and In-State Tuition in the State Budget! 

Next Step, the Senate-  

Call your Senators and tell them to pass a budget that includes in-state tuition and driver's cards for immigrants and pass it FAST!  Ask them to support the Driver Card provision in the State Budget.  To find your legislators, click here: Who is my Senator?

Senators in our region:

  • Senator Robert Cowles, (800) 334-1465
  • Senator Michael Ellis, (920) 751-4801
  • Senator Randy Hopper, (608) 266-5300
  • Senator Al Lasee, (920) 336-8830
  • Senator Joe Leibham, (888) 295-8750

Some Helpful Advice for When you Call your Legislators:

  • Give them your name and let them know that you live in their district.  They may ask for your contact information.
  • Ask them to support the Driver Card provision in the 2009-2011 State Budget. Tell them why this is important to you and your community.
  • If they support the Driver Card provision, thank them for being a supporter.

One more vote and a signature until victory! Sign the petition!

 For more information click here.

Health Care Summit in Washington DC

Help Shape the Historic Decision To Bring Health Care to All Americans

Ride the WISDOM Bus To Washington DC


Depart:    Milwaukee on June 23 at 6PM
Arrival:   Milwaukee June 26 about 6AM
Cost per person:  $100 and includes bus, lodging and 2 meals.
(You will be responsible for the remainder of your meals.)


In Washington DC, thousands from across the nation will gather to:

-Get valuable information to progress the national health care debate
-Visit the offices of congressional representatives
-Join thousands of people of faith for an Interfaith Service of Witness and Prayer on June 24th
-Take part in an even larger rally for Health Care Reform on June 25th

Please don’t delay; there are a limited number of seats on the bus.

>  Register for this National Health Care Summit in DC by June 7th  <

Download the registration form here.



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