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Podcast Episodes

ESTHER Talks Podcast

Listen and learn about the people, happenings and topics related to ESTHER’s work of building community, sharing hope & standing for justice in WIsconsin’s Fox Valley region. ESTHER stands for Empowerment, Solidarity, Truth, Hope, Equity, Reform. We are a social-justice advocacy nonprofit organization, trying hard to fix the broken systems that prevent folx from living their best lives.

Title Uploaded Description
Episode 7: Deangelo Wheeler May 8 2024 - 1:11pm

Learn more about the amazing Wheeler family.





Episode 6: J May 1 2024 - 8:55pm

Hear J's personal story and how ESTHER is empowering her.

Episode 5: Sarah Pennewell Apr 24 2024 - 8:59pm

Meet Sarah Pennewell from Neenah school district. She works closely with at-risk youth.




Episode 4: Jennifer Verderami Apr 17 2024 - 7:28pm

Meet one of our fantastic ESTHER Housing Advocates; Jennifer Verderami. Jennifer shares her powerful personal story, and describes why she is part of ESTHER.

Miracle and Janika recap the phenomenal Northeast Wisconsin Housing Policy Institute.







Episode 3: Katie Olson Apr 10 2024 - 7:53pm

Get to know the ESTHER Organizer: Katie Olson

Episode 2: Miracle Wheeler and Janika Herron Apr 3 2024 - 8:02pm

Meet the new hosts of ESTHER Talks!

Miracle and Janika started their journey with ESTHER with ESTHER last year through our Housing Advocacy Team.

In this episode Katie Olson interviews Miracle and Janika. Now this dynamic duo is ready to talk to you!