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An Interview with K of Taperz Barber Shop

By Jill Smith

Please meet Cainan Davenport, otherwise known as K the Barber. He and his friend Michael Linwood own Taperz, a family-oriented barber shop located almost on the corner of College Avenue and Richmond Street in Appleton. K had some free time, which is rare fpr such a busy man, and gave me a few minutes so I could ask him about his thriving business and about how he uses his business to serve our community.

How long have you and your friend, Wood, owned Taperz barbershop? What kind of services do you offer there?

We’ve been in business for a little over three years. Basically, we cut all races, ethnicity, and genders. We have created a comfortable “old school” environment where our customers can come to talk, laugh and get a great haircut.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10-6. Our busiest time of day is every day, all day. Every time we are in the shop, we are pretty much busy.

You not only run a successful business but you use your space to invite neighbors to the shop on Sunday afternoons to discuss issues and just be together. Can you talk a little bit more about that?

Yes. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder we decided to invite the community to Taperz to discuss various topics. We called this platform,”Taperz Talks.” I think it’s important to know what the pulse of our community is, and these Sunday afternoon talks are an opportunity for our community to address their concerns.

When was the People of Progression organization established?

Very shortly after we began “Taperz Talks” we discovered that talking wasn’t enough. People of Progression--POP, was formed by myself and a handful of community members who wanted to create true change. We knew we had to be doers, not just talkers. Creating our organization was our first step to action.

What was it like for your group during the time of George Floyd’s murder?

I noticed that there were a lot of our youth not knowing what to do besides protesting. But what happens after the protests end? I knew that people weren’t going to be protesting in the wintertime in Wisconsin. We needed something more to come from the momentum. True Change!

August is back to school time and Taperz is hosting an event this week. What will be happening at your shop?

We are giving away free haircuts, free braids, free book bags and free school supplies. We will have games, rides, live music, and free food and all around fun for the children! The event is on Sunday, August 29th from 12-6. All families are invited.

We host this event annually to ease the load of parents which lessens their costs of  supplies. It also gives children the opportunity to start school looking good and feeling good about themselves. This is Taperz's way to give back to our community. We have done this every year that we have been in business and it is a way for us to show our community that we care.

Taperz Barbershop is located at 203 N. Richmond St. Appleton, WI 54911.

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