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ESTHER Resources

ESTHER Logo (click for higher resolution):

Banquet, Auction & Yearbook Resources

Resources for the ESTHER 2021-2022 Yearbook and 2021 Auction:

2021 Yearbook Sponsorship Contact Procedures

2021 Yearbook Sponsorship Cover Letter (download Word doc here)

2021 Yearbook Ad Order Form

2021 Auction Donation Request Letter, revised (download Word doc here)

2021 Auction Donation Information Form, revised

Leadership Board

Resources for ESTHER’s Leadership Board

Board Agreement Form (as of April 9, 2020)

ESTHER Race & Transformational Narrative Intro

Implicit Bias Video


Resources related to finance and accounting functions

Debit Card Purchase Documentation

Payment Request Form (as of January 30, 2021)

Task Forces

Resources for ESTHER’s Issue Task Forces

ROC Wisconsin ESTHER Power Point

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