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Issues & Actions

What are Task Forces?

Task forces are action groups that plan and implement activities and events to evoke positive change in our community.  Issues we address arise from the voices of those in our community and are supported by our member congregations.  If you have interest and wish to become involved with our task forces, please click on the “send us a message” link on the left, or give us a call at 920-843-8083. For dates and locations of task force meetings, including unusual meeting times and locations, see our calendar.

Transportation Task Force

Our Transportation Task Force is working to address issues that have an impact on the transit systems serving the greater Fox Valley region.  Public transit connects people to jobs, education, training, and medical services.  An accessible tranist system also connects residents with family, friends, and allows riders to remain engaged and active in their community.

Join us if you are interested in connecting with transit riders, local officials, and policy makers to work towards a strong, sustainable, dependable transportation network in the Fox Valley - one that will serve all residents and visitors fairly and well.

Place: First United Methodist Church, 325 E. Franklin St (Room 315), Appleton
Time:  6:30 PM on the third Tuesday of each month

Immigration Task Force

This task force works to address issues related to immigration, specifically those affecting the Latino/a population in the Valley.  In addition to national comprehensive immigration reform, our task force is working locally in two areas: the allowance for Wisconsin state driver’s certificates for resident undocumented workers, and in-state tuition rates for all residents of Wisconsin meeting the academic guidelines for acceptance into our state's public universities, colleges and technical schools.  ESL classes are also being offered at St. Therese Parish.  The newly formed Casa Esther in Omro is looking to be an outreach center for Latinos in the Oshkosh/Omro area.

Place: Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 2600 Philip Ln, Appleton
Time: 6:30 PM on the second Tuesday of each month

Prison Reform & ROC Wisconsin Task Force

The ESTHER Prison Reform Task Force strives to reduce the number of people in county jails and state prisons by

  • Supporting safe community alternatives
  • Encouraging humane treatment of people
  • Supporting individuals as they return to their communities

“We can’t punish people into being healthy. We need for families to stay intact and for offenders to be responsible to their communities. We are all better off when people can be healed and made whole through these effective programs that bring accountability to the offender and to the community. Alternative treatment programs work better than incarceration.”

Place: St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 140 South Green Bay Road, Neenah
Time: 6:00 PM on the First Monday of each month

ESTHER participates in the statewide ROC (Restore Our Communities) Wisconsin campaign. The campaign is a movement of people of faith calling for change in the Wisconsin incarcerating system.

For more information on the statewide ROC Wisconsin work, click here:

Oshkosh ESTHER Task Force

Our ESTHER Oshkosh Task Force meets monthly to address issues of social injustice that uniquely impact the Oshkosh area. Currently we are working on establishing a revenue agreement between GO Transit and the Oshkosh Area School District so that all students in the City of Oshkosh can freely ride on the public transportation system. Anyone who is interested in the issues we focus on is welcome. Our task force meeting doors are always open!

Place: B’nai Israel Congregation, 1121 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh
Time: 4:00 PM on the First Tuesday of each month

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