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2016 Community Leader Award: Fit Oshkosh, Inc.

Fit Oshkosh Logo

In its 2016 Community Award for organizations, ESTHER honors the work of Fit Oshkosh, Inc., led by Co-Founder and Executive Director Tracey Robertson. Fit’s mission is to increase the racial literacy of the residents of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and beyond through workshops, training, consulting, advocacy and research. A few highlights of the work of Fit Oshkosh include hosting Color-Brave films and book-reads like the “I’m Not Racist. Am I?” documentary and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book Between the World and Me. Fit has quickly become the resource for anti-racism work in the Valley and beyond.

Its Color-Brave Lending Library has more than 150 free games, books and movies for both kids and adults that deepen insights on race. Since its 2014 inception, Fit Oshkosh has trained nearly 3,000 people in settings including local government, educational institutions, faith groups, and non- and for-profit businesses. ESTHER thanks Fit Oshkosh Co-Founder and Executive Director Tracey Robertson, its program supporters, and its trained volunteers for their invaluable efforts in making our community a place where race matters to all citizens and where all people—no matter what their racial identity—truly “Fit” in.

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