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2021 Challenge Grant Terms

2021 Challenge Grant Terms

ESTHER Group at Essential Workers Rally in MilwaukeeEvery new dollar from individuals given to ESTHER before the end of 2021 will be matched 1:1 from the $5,000 challenge pool. In that way, the full amount of new contributions, or the amount of increase from increased contributions, will be doubled, up to the $5,000 limit.

Here’s what is meant by a “new dollar”:

  • Didn’t give to ESTHER in 2020? The full amount of your gift in 2021 will be matched, so you can double your contribution this year. For example, become a $120 sustaining member, and ESTHER will receive $240 ($120 from you and $120 from the challengers)!
  • Gave to ESTHER in 2020? Give more to ESTHER in 2021, and the amount of the increase will be matched. If you increase from member level ($25) to sustaining member level ($120), ESTHER will receive $215 ($120 from you and $95 from the challengers)!

If you have questions about how these terms apply in your particular situation, please contact us by phone (920-843-8083) or email ( Thank you for your support!

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