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Appleton, WI, Community Care and Mutual Aid Signup

Appleton, WI Community Mutual Aid Signup FormAs our community increasingly adopts self-isolation to control the spread of the coronavirus, a number people from the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist fellowship (an ESTHER faith community) and other community leaders1 are gathering information about people in the Appleton area who:

  1. Can provide assistance to fellow community members, or
  2. May need assistance.

ESTHER is pleased to help spread the word about this project and supports wholeheartedly the effort to build up our community’s resilience in the face of this significant challenge.

To participate visit this online form and enter your information.

To contact the organizers, send them an email at

Times that are potentially scary require us to better support one another. In the same way that we bring casseroles to grieving families and baby clothes to celebrate newborns, we can come together as a community to help each other through this difficult time. An essential part of stopping the spread of coronavirus from overwhelming our hospital systems is voluntary self-isolation ( However, isolation can be difficult without the support of your neighbors. This form will help us provide support to each other!


1Katie Reiser, Anna Reiser, Karen Iverson Riggers, Emma Reiser, Norys Pina, Nik Shier, Briony Smith, Heather Chantelois, and Melissa Ludin are helping to coordinate this work for Appleton. This coordination is also supported by community leaders including Karen Nelson, Kathy Flores, and others.

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