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CJCC Endorses TAD

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Office of Justice Assistance LogoThe Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) of Wisconsin passed a resolution in early May supporting the expansion of Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) programs of the type that are being promoted by the 11x15 Campaign of ESTHER and other WISDOM Affiliates. Governor Walker established the CJCC in 2012 for the purpose of “examining crime and criminal justice problems in the state, and recommending strategies to improve criminal justice system policy, operations, and outcomes. The Council seeks to improve criminal justice system efficiency, effectiveness, and public safety.” The Council’s resolution states, “The Statewide Criminal Justice Coordinating Council supports and encourages efforts that have been undertaken by subject matter experts to expand the eligibility, criteria, and research-based practice fundamentals of the Treatment Alternative Diversion language in Chapter 16 of the Wisconsin Statutes.”

The vote marks the first policy recommendation the 20-member council has made since Gov. Walker created it last year. The action is a big step forward, and we should all be glad to see the Council supporting the goals of the 11x15 Campaign. Expansion of TAD programs will reduce recidivism, make our communities safer and save money. To learn more about 11x15 Campaign and TAD programs, visit

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