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Contact Gov. Evers on Good Friday About the Parole Commission!

telephone iconGovernor Evers has been in office for more than three months. In that time, he has done a lot. But, he has NOT yet appointed a new Chair for the Parole Commission. Loved ones and family members of the 3,000 parole-eligible people in our prisons have been patient. But, as their loved ones have waited far too long to be released, so we also have waited far too long for the Governor to do this important part of his job. Here are two things you can do about it:

1. Please call Governor Evers this Friday (Good Friday) morning, April 19. Let him know we expect him to name a new Chair for the Parole Commission – a Chair who will fix the parole system.

The number to call is 608-266-1212.

Let him know that we have been patient, but now is the time for him to act. If you know a particular parole-eligible person, or know of someone who should be released, mention their name, so the Governor understands that these are real people, members of real families and communities who are being kept in prison far past the time they should have been released.

2. The Old Law/Compassionate Release group has also asked for us to send post cards or letters to the Governor. Again, stress that he must appoint a new Chair for the Parole Commission, and he needs to name members to the Pardon Board. He cannot complain about prison overcrowding when he has the ability to very safely and very quickly release hundreds of people who are overdue.

The Governor’s mailing address is:

Governor Tony Evers
115 East
State Capitol
Madison, WI  53702

Please take a moment on Good Friday to make a call and send a note. Governor Evers does not seem to understand that this is both important and urgent for many people and families. Let him know the time has come for him to step up.

Thank you.

David Liners, Executive Director

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