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Equity Network: A New Local Collaboration

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Equity Network 

Equity Network: A new local collaboration - An opportunity for you

2020 brought the pervasive disparities in our country into sharp relief, leaving many of us searching for ways to deepen our commitment to equity and racial justice work. Like ESTHER, many area organizations have been on their own journeys—learning and having conversations about systemic race issues and implicit biases. The idea of the Equity Network began with such a conversation among Stronger Together Fox Valley members, facilitated by Rachel Peller of Wisconsin Partners and coupled with an awareness of myriad potential partnering organizations. How might we collaborate in addressing or avoiding disparities in Fox Valley communities?

A legal framework for nondiscrimination exists within the Civil Rights Act of 1964, including expectations for planning and community input to assist local policymakers. The Equity Network aims to help provide a vital and often missing link between the intention of the law and the realization of equitable outcomes locally. Inequities and disparities can stem from a wide range of policies and practices implemented at a local level. It takes active monitoring by local residents to ensure that decisions are made in ways that promote the common good.

The basic goal of this new collaboration is the creation of a regional network of organizations committed to monitoring local decision-making using a civil rights strategy that holds network members and policymakers accountable in our community.

Stronger Together Fox Valley quickly found partners in ESTHER, the League of Women Voters of Appleton, and People of Progression. Network participants continue to reach out to potential partners for equity work. The Equity Network is still in its early stages, so this is a great time to match your commitment to justice with serving as a monitor for a local policymaking board or committee that has impact on the issues you care about the most.

Please be part of ensuring equity in our communities’ decision-making.  Read more here

Or contact Nancy Jones, ESTHER Secretary.

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