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ESTHER-Native Justice Coalition Partnership

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Native Justice Coalition LogoThe Native Justice Coalition (NJC) is an Anishanaabe-led organization that was founded in 2016. Based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, this organization was created for Indigenous people, to provide healing and resources. One of the ways they bring healing to their communities is through story telling. Story-telling brings awareness to Native communities and puts focus on Native leaders. Too often are Native voices left out of conversations on racial justice: the NJC is working to change this.

ESTHER has recently entered into partnership with the NJC, which will further elevate Native voices. By partnering with this organization, ESTHER has the opportunity to learn from those on the frontlines of the racial, gender and environmental justice movements.

The NJC has an Anishanaabe Racial Justice Conference coming up from 9/30-10/3. This conference will cover a variety of topics such as boarding schools, generational trauma, and traditional culture. This conference will be a great opportunity to learn from Anishinaabe leaders and to continue the work on centering Native voices.

For more information on the conference, visit:

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