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ESTHER’s 2021 Yearbook Available for Viewing/Download

ESTHER 2021 Yearbook CoverThis year, ESTHER’s yearbook, until now a printed publication, has “gone digital!” We have been able to make this transition to a new format because of the generous technical support we received Weidert Group, LLC, and the editorial leadership of ESTHER member Jill Smith. We are excited to be able to offer

  • a full-color interior
  • more extensive descriptions of ESTHER’s goals, values and accomplishments
  • more photographs
  • profiles of our annual award winners
  • feature essays about ESTHER people making a difference in the Fox Valley and beyond.

The yearbook also contains fact and figures about ESTHER, recognition of financial donors and collaborative partners, and notices and ads sponsored by almost 100 friends of ESTHER in business, non-profit, and government circles.

The 2021 yearbook is available online now for you to review, or to download and read at your leisure (PDF). Click on the cover image (to the left), or use the button below to check it out.

View ESTHER Yearbook

We are enormously grateful to our financial sponsors, who are listed in the book. Please show your appreciation for their support of ESTHER by patronizing them or participating in events they sponsor. We are making plans to list our sponsors and display their notices and ads as part of this web site.

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