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Exciting Banquet Stimulates Commitment for the Coming Year

View of ESTHER 2012 Annual BanquetESTHER’s annual banquet was a smashing success. Attendance was the best ever, and we could all feel the excitement and dedication in the room.  The awards that were given helped to broaden everyone’s view of the wonderful things that are being done in our community by people who care about social justice.

The ESTHER Community Leadership award went to Thedacare’s Community Health Action Team (CHAT). The team’s members conduct an annual “plunge” in which they learn about health care problems in our community. This year CHAT’s plunge helped the team to learn about the health problems facing individuals because of our nation’s broken immigration system, and over the past year, the team has continued to work on issues that were identified during the plunge.  ESTHER Individual Leadership Awards went to Kathy Groat for her outstanding work with ESTHER’s Housing Task Force and Carrie Korb for her work that has inspired LUNA’s young leaders in the group’s mural project.  Way to go Kathy and Carrie!

The dedication of these award winners have helped us all to renew our commitment to work for social justice in our community.  The inspiring keynote speech by John Nichols reminded us of the many things that still remain to be done.  The banquet was an inspiring kick-off for a new year.  Let us all pray that the excitement it generated will support us all as we work for social justice in the Fox Valley.

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