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Fox Valley Bread for the World Offering of Letters Follow-up

ESTHER Faith Communities & Individual Members 

invited to participate in anti-hunger action

Fox Valley Bread for the World Offering of Letters
Follow up Action Needed 

On April 30, members of 12 Fox Valley faith communities—including ESTHER faith communities of Casa ESTHER, Catholics United-Appleton, First Congregational UCC, First English Lutheran, Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist, Memorial Presbyterian, Prince of Peace Lutheran, and St. Paul Lutheran—participated in a custom Fox Valley Bread for the World webinar to learn about action needed to address food insecurity and nutritional needs at this time.

Please join the effort to contact our Members of Congress urging them to address food insecurity and nutritional needs.   Here are three things you can do:

  1. RIGHT AWAY: Use this link to contact our two U.S. senators and your member of the House of Representatives asking for an increase in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) funding, which is urgently needed during the current health and economic emergency.  
  2. THIS MONTH: Use the attached sample letters and addresses for sending handwritten (or personalized hard copy letters) in support of the longer-range Offering of Letters goals to improve nutrition.  
  3. Let ESTHER Secretary Nancy Jones know that you have sent your e-mail and letters so we can get a sense of the impact of this first-ever Fox Valley virtual Offering of letters:

For more details watch the webinar recording:

Need more information?  Learn more at these links:

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Sample Letters for Fox Valley 4-30-2020.pdf143.31 KB
Members of Congress addresses 2019-2020.pdf522.5 KB
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