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League of Women Voters Endorses Treatment Alternatives

The Wisconsin League of Women Voters (LWV) has sent a letter to Wisconsin legislators urging expansion of Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) funding in the state budget. In a memo sent to LWV leaders state-wide, Andrea Kaminski, executive director, cites the WISDOM 11X15 project as “a planned effort to use tax dollars for treatment of addiction and mental health at a local level rather than continuing to grow the state prison population.” Noting that the League is not a part of WISDOM, she explains the League's findings that “the 11x15 project offers a sound plan in support of the League's Corrections positions.” She asks League members to contact their state Senator and Assembly Representative and “urge them to make better use of our correctional resources by supporting the expansion of the TAD programs as envisioned in the ‘11X15’ project.” In that way, she says, “all counties can develop treatment and alternatives for non-violent offenders which will lower the jail and prison populations, improve physical and mental health, maintain employment and lead to stronger communities.”

Read the League’s letter to Wisconsin legislators here.

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