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Make Holiday Giving Easy for Your Loved Ones

package with red bowWould you like to make holiday giving really easy for your loved ones?

When they ask you what you’d like, instead of saying…, “Oh, I'd love a Christmas tie!”…how about saying, “Would you donate to ESTHER? It’s an organization I love, and the contribution will help us continue working to make our community a more just place for all!”

It’s a win-win-win: Your family members don’t have to leave their homes to shop; you have the satisfaction of sparking a contribution to an organization that you love; and ESTHER receives funds that will support our work to bring the beloved community closer.

We would love to be the recipient of holiday gifts in your honor from your friends, family, co-workers. Would you consider suggesting that they contribute in your honor to ESTHER at holiday time? Just send them to

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