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Put a Cap on Predatory Lending - Payday Loans

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ESTHER along with WISDOM affiliates will push for a cap to be placed on lending interest rates issued by payday loan and predatory lenders.

  • Most predatory small dollar lenders only require a paycheck stub and photo ID to receive a loan. There are no underwriting standards to ensure a borrower’s ability to pay back the loan.
  • Predatory lenders charge triple-digit interest rates. Interest rates on a two-week loan average 550% APR compared to the average national credit card APR of 13%.
  • The short repayment term and triple digit interest trap borrowers on a debt treadmill that churns borrowers for more fees. More than 80% of borrowers get trapped as soon as the loan is due.

Representative Hintz and Senator Hansen have introduced the Predatory Lending Consumer Protection Act aimed at reducing interest rates on loans issued by payday lenders to 36%.

We are working to have this Act assigned to the Consumer Protection Committee so that we can move this issue forward. Assembly Speaker Michael Sheridan needs to hear that this is an issue affecting our communities.

In Madison on Wednesday, September 16th at 9:00am, ESTHER will join others from across Wisconsin to meet with our legislators.  The time to end predatory lending is now!

A briefing on predatory lending will be held followed by legislative visits where we can express our concerns and demands.  Consider joining ESTHER leaders on this day, carpooling will be available.  Share this information with those in your congregation that may be interested in ending predatory lending and ask that they join us as well. 

If you are interested in joining ESTHER, email us at  to get information on carpooling.


Help us build support. Agencies, businesses and organizations, CLICK HERE to join the statewide coalition.


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