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Re: Withdrawal from HCAN partnership

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ESTHER is a grassroots, interfaith organization that believes in and works towards achieving health care that is affordable and accessible to all. 

On November 7th, and discovered by ESTHER leadership on November 10th, Health Care for America Now (HCAN), issued a statement that included a stance for "access to abortion services".  Our organization has remained abortion neutral and has encouraged members to follow their church leadership on the issue of abortion.  Due to the position taken by HCAN, we have decided to immediately withdraw our partnership from the coalition. 

To further clarify, there was no announcement or action requested through the ESTHER organization on the position of the Stupak amendment.

We continue to support and work for health care reform, bringing coverage to millions that are left uninsured.  The set of principles that we began with are still the guiding principles for this reform.  We look forward to the passing of reform before the end of 2009.


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