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Seeking Your Thoughts on ESTHER

Japanese lanternsMy Thoughts on ESTHER

The ESTHER Board is looking to develop a strategic plan to guide our work for the next few years. In this planning process, we want to hear from all our ESTHER members, supporters, donors, and friends. Your voice and your work are what make ESTHER possible.

One thing that would really help us is to hear about what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of ESTHER as an organization. If you haven't already responded to a prior request, would you take a few minutes to share your perspective with us? We would really appreciate it. We’ve prepared a short survey (six open-ended questions and four multiple-choice ones) and invite you to respond by clicking the button below.

This survey is being conducted anonymously, and the results (aggregated) will be shared only with the ESTHER Board.

If you haven't already responded, just click the button below to take the survey. Thanks!

My thoughts on ESTHER


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