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State Superintendent Election is Today, April 6

Wisconsin State Superintendent Election 2021

Deb KerrDeb Kerr (left) and Jill Underly (right) won the Wisconsin primary election for state superintendent of public education and will be on the general election ballot on April 6. An equity-minded superintendent with the courage to stand up for our public schools is critical to the success of our children and the health of our democracy.

Your vote matters. If you haven’t yet cast your ballot, remember to do so before the ballots close today!

The Wisconsin Public Education Network maintains an election headquarters page with comprehensive information about the office, the candidates’ views and positions (including their responses to the Network’s candidate survey), links to their campaign websites, and voting information for the general election on April 6.

Videos from several candidate forums featuring these candidates are also available on the Network’s site.

The Wisconsin State Superintendent’s office is a critical line of defense for Wisconsin’s public schools—and the 860,000 kids who attend them—against hyper-partisan politics and unfair budgets. Both candidates have taken the #VotePublic pledge. Learn about the candidates and then cast your ballot.


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