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Statement from ESTHER Religious Leaders Caucus

The ESTHER Religious Leaders Caucus met this morning, November 9, and agreed to issue the following statement regarding the anger, fear, tension and division that many people are feeling in light of our national elections:

Since ESTHER’s founding 12 years ago, we have been, and we intend to continue to be people of faith united by our passion for justice, commitment to community and a practice of hope. We stand together understanding that our lives and destinies are intertwined. We are committed to transforming our community by dissolving boundaries of race, creed, social and economic divides. We build power and act together, drawing courage and inspiration from our faith. We believe that God has called us to live, speak, and act courageously in accordance with our faith beliefs.

Together we declare:

  • Where there is division we declare unity.
  • Where there is hatred we declare love.
  • Where there is lack we declare abundance.
  • Where there is desolation we declare renewal.
  • Where there is discouragement we declare hope.
  • Where there is a lack of strength we declare power.

Today, we rededicate ourselves to giving witness that love and hope expressed through organizing and action will triumph over violence, hate and fear. We invite all who would share this witness to join us.

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