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UNLESS someone like you cares ...

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, it's not going to get better. It's not.

ESTHER cares. So do you.

Together, we can help things get better!

Support ESTHER

We care that:

  • Narrow, hurtful, reckless, dangerous, destructive words, ideas, and policies are increasingly common
  • Bullying and belittling have become the order of the day
  • People of privilege are fighting hard to retain their influence while people on the margins are being pushed farther into the shadows
  • Narrow, judgmental, defensive positions are crowding out open, helpful, generous, affirming values and approaches

For thirteen years we’ve been organizing, drawing together people and faith communities in the Fox Vallley and beyond to work toward a fairer, more just, more hopeful community. With your support, we will continue that work, and help things get better.

Support ESTHER

ESTHER has a big impact, even though our finances are modest. Our annual operating budget for 2017 is about $85,000. We spend it to advance our values, support our full-time organizer, train members to work for systemic change on issues that matter to them, host public events on matters of common concern, and collaborate with other Wisconsin organizations that share our values. About a third of our funds come from individuals, people like you who understand our work and believe in what we do. Can we count on your help?

Support ESTHER

We have a strong staff and many dedicated volunteers. We have enjoyed the financial support of friends and supporters like you over the years. Our goal for annual support from individuals is $30,000. Will you help us reach our goal?

Please consider becoming a sustaining member of ESTHER this year, either through monthly payments of at least $10, or by contributing $120 (or more if your resources permit) all at once. If that amount is out of reach, please consider contributing a smaller amount (membership starts at $25). Your contribution now will help ensure that ESTHER can continue building community, sharing hope, and standing for justice – today, and for months and years to come.

Support ESTHER

Thank you!

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