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Walk in Their Shoes--Latino Simulation Passes First Test

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View of Latino Simulation Participants
Participants in the first Latino Simulation trial run listen to Latinos tell about their experiences.

On May 22, the first trial run of ESTHER’s Latino Simulation was a great success. About 50 people participated at St. Therese Catholic Church, Appleton. Participants were given the roles of specific Latino people to play, including backgrounds and language skills. Some roles only spoke Spanish; some were bilingual. Each role/family had challenges and issues, e.g. job hunting or obtaining immunizations to attend school. Four days (Wed-Sun) were represented by 15-minute intervals. Volunteers played the roles of community resources, such as employers, health care and social service workers, stores, banks, and the justice system.

The goal of the simulation is to foster community awareness about the challenges Latinos face in our community. This interactive experience helps individuals understand the difficulties and emotions Latinos face everyday. Many roles, with limited English ability and no documents, led participants to experience frustration and even fear. If your group would like to schedule a simulation, contact Penny at

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