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“White Privilege: Let’s Talk” Offered by First Congo Appleton

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White Privilege; Let's TalkAre you ready to take a hard, honest look at yourself, your church, and our community in terms of racism? The First Congo Anti-Racism Task Force believes that God is calling us to do the hard work necessary to educate ourselves about the systemic racism present in ourselves, our churches, and our community. 

Interested members of ESTHER are invited to participate in this group, which is focussed on learning to dismantle racism and be the change that needs to happen.

The group will be using the UCC White Privilege: Let’s Talk curriculum. This curriculum is designed to help people “see” power and privilege, their manifestations, and their impacts. Only after getting honest about how white privilege has functioned and continues to be perpetuated can there be dialogue about how to address its causes and the necessary reparations and redistribution of power and opportunity.

We plan to offer Zoom sessions to accommodate different schedules as well as some small, masked group options for those not interested in using Zoom. If you have a First Congo Realm account, please sign up here. If you do not have a Realm account, please contact the First Congo office at (920) 733-7393 no later than September 13, 2020 to report your interest in either Zoom sessions or in-person group opportunities. Conversations will begin in mid-October.

You will have the option of choosing six hour-and-a-half-long sessions weekly for six weeks or six sessions every other week for twelve weeks. Time of day will be based on sign-ups. Sessions are open to anyone of high-school age or older.

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