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Grate Complications: Stop Harassing the Homeless (Press Conference)


WHAT: Press conference addressing the treatment of our unhoused neighbors

WHEN: Thursday, Jun 6, 2024

2:30-3:00 PM 

WHERE: 448 Algoma Blvd

  Oshkosh WI, 54901

  (Outside the Orrin King Building)


                     First Presbyterian Church

CONTACT: Katie Olson, Lead Organizer of ESTHER

      920-267-2054 (call or text)

With shelters full and housing unaffordable, many of our Oshkosh neighbors are without a safe place to sleep. For many years, the green space outside the Orrin King building has provided a safe space for unhoused community members from Winnebago County. The grates outside the building provide a dry space throughout the year, and some heat during the harsh winter months. Many community members and employees from Winnebago County go out of their way to provide kindness, meals, beverages and other care items to them. 

Recently, there has been an increased police presence outside the Orrin King building and more requests and demands made for unhoused community members to “move along.” First Presbyterian Church offered to provide a safe space for unhoused community members, but have been told by the city of Oshksoh they are not allowed to provide this space. Once again, unhoused members of our community are told to “move along.” 

Yet, there is no open space for our community members to “move along” to in Winnebago County. Our city and county need to provide more support for unhoused members of our community and until they do, they need to stop asking folks to “move along” from the safe spaces that communities like First Presbyterian Church have willingly offered. 

On Thursday, June 6, at the Orrin King building, we have invited individuals who are unhoused, housing advocates, and religious and community leaders to share their recent experiences and responses to the challenging actions of local law enforcement.   ** Who are they being directed by and/or responding to?

Our hope, for this event, is to shape our community with compassionate measures that bring our community together, to uplift our unhoused neighbors while providing constructive guidance to our community leaders to do better together. “Move along” is not an acceptable solution!

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