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June 4 Call-In Day for Transportation

Transportation Gets to ...After years in which billions of dollars have been poured into highway expansion projects, Wisconsin’s transportation system is not meeting our needs. From crumbling local roads to dangerous bridges to public transit routes being closed, our local modes of transportation have suffered because of these misplaced priorities. Additionally, people with disabilities, those who are outliving their ability to drive and those who cannot afford cars are being left out of important opportunities because their transportation options are limited. 

Our ESTHER Transit Task Force asks you to make calls on June 4 to ensure that the Joint Finance Committee  prioritizes public transportation, specialized transportation and our local roads in the state budget. They need to hear from us to make this happen. Make a call on Tuesday, June 4!

Whom to Call:

Joint Finance Committee Chairs:
-Representative Nygren (Co-Chair): 608 266 2343
-Senator Darling (Co-Chair): 608 266 5830


What to Say:

Download the attached script and use it to plan your call.

Let us know:

RSVP here for a reminder and a copy of the script.

Special opportunity: Next Monday, June 3, from 9:30 to 10:00 am, Josh Dukelow’s “Fresh Take” program on WHBY will feature ESTHER representatives Penny Robinson, Linda McRae and Connie Kanitz discussing the state budget and transportation funding. Catch the interview on 1150 AM, 103.5 FM and 106.3 FM.

Up for another call? Call your legislators, too!

Transportation Budget Call Script (pdf)57.09 KB
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