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Volunteer Drivers Needed - Winnebago Catch-A-Ride

ESTHER’s Transportation Task Force is happy to bring this volunteer opportunity to your attention.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Become a volunteer driver for Winnebago Catch-A-Ride and help those in need find transportation to their place of employment. By driving with us you can help someone not only get to their place of work but also regain confidence in their daily schedule. With your help, a single mother can worry less about traveling to and from her 9-5 job, a young man will be able to attend his interview on time, and a grandmother will be able to work her part-time job at a local store.

Our program is a volunteer-based service, providing low-cost transportation to get people to and from work. The program is a workforce development initiative, striving to provide employment transportation services to individuals who do not qualify or have access to existing transportation programs throughout Winnebago County. This program provides safe, reliable, and affordable employment transportation that will increase an individual's ability to maintain employment.

You can volunteer from the comfort of your own vehicle on a schedule that works for you. Dedicating an hour or two a week to volunteering with the program can make all of the difference for someone who doesn’t have transportation to get to work. As a volunteer you also qualify for mileage reimbursement.

With volunteers, we can make an impact for those in need by providing transportation options to help individuals in our community get to and from work. Let’s make a difference together. To learn more about volunteering with the Winnebago Catch-A-Ride program, visit

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