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Cancelled: Walk in Our Shoes

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Saturday, October 7, 2023 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Memorial Presbyterian Church, 803 E College Ave, Appleton

Latino Simulation


This event has been canceled due to not enough participants.

Look for a rescheduling of the event in February 2024.

No cost to participants. PLEASE NOTE!  Advance registration needed by September 22 at the following link:

[Event Cancelled]

The Walk In Our Shoes Latino simulation experience is designed to help participants understand what it’s like to live as a Latino in our community. It is a simulation, not a game. The object is to focus and sensitize participants to the realities faced by area Latinos.  In the simulation, 27 participants assume the roles of various Latino individuals.  The experience lasts approximately three hours. It includes an introduction and briefing, the actual simulation exercise, and a debriefing period in which participants and volunteer staffers share their reactions and experiences.

Jointly Sponsored by Memorial Presbyterian Church, First Congregational United Church of Christ, and ESTHER.


Who Should Attend?

All who want a greater understanding of Latinos living in our community and the struggles they encounter. Walk in our Shoes is an excellent tool for diversity awareness.

Why attend a simulation event?

  • To experience the power, impact and benefits of Walk in our Shoes firsthand
  • To learn about the issues facing Latinos in our community
  • To increase understanding, community conversation, cultural sensitivity and awareness
  • To combat myths and stereotypes, and to promote cultural understanding
  • To learn about being a catalyst for change

How Does the Simulation Work?

ESTHER provides a facilitator who has worked side-by-side with the Latino community and organizations that serve Latinos. They draw from diverse backgrounds and experience to present the most effective simulation possible. The hosting organizations provide volunteers who fill specific roles in the simulation (school officials, employers, law enforcement personnel, social services staff, medical staff, etc.). If you have done a similar simulation in the past, please consider signing up to be one of these volunteers.

Is There a Cost?

The cost of the event is being covered by the three sponsors.  There is no cost to individuals to attend, but a firm commitment is necessary because the simulation can’t work if the required number of people are not in attendance.

How Can I Register?

Click on the following link to sign-up to be a participant or a volunteer. Space is limited so please sign up early. Registration deadline: September 22.

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