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Legislative Update!

Joint Finance Committee Passes Budget

In April, ESTHER and 9 other affiliates of WISDOM spoke out in support of in-state tuition and driver's cards for immigrant working families.  We are beginning to see the fruit of our work! 

Included! In-State College Tuition for Immigrant Students

On Friday, May 22nd the Joint Finance Committee voted in favor of in-state college tuition fees for immigrant students graduating from Wisconsin high schools. 

 Included! Driver's Cards for Immigrant Workers

The Joint Finance Committee 12-4 along party lines to approve an amendment to the state budget to include driver's cards for immigrants.  This critical step in the legislative process was the result of the hard work that has been achieved collectively by members of the Coalition for Safe Roads and supporters. 

 Read more about the importance of in-state tuition and driver's cards.


But WAIT!  We are not quite there yet!

LATEST: Driver's card amendment passes Joint Finance Committee 12-4.  Now we have to convince the rest of the legislators! 

Sign the petition!


Call your legislators and tell them to pass a budget that includes in-state tuition and driver's cards for immigrants and pass it FAST!

Ask them to support the Driver Card provision in the State Budget.
To find your legislators, click here: Who is my representative?
You can also call the legislative hotline at 1-800-362-9472.

Some Helpful Advice for When you Call your Legislators:

  • Give them your name and let them know that you live in their district.  They may ask for your contact information.
  • Ask them to support the Driver Card provision in the 2009-2011 State Budget.  Tell them why this is important to you.
  • If they support the Driver Card provision, thank them for being a supporter.




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