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Public Transit and the Future of Our Community

A Vision for the Future

The members of ESTHER’s Transit Task Force have a vision for a better world and a stronger community tied together by a multimodal transportation system that provides options for everyone. Options include biking, walking, public transit, and personal car use. 

What makes a vibrant transportation system?  It has an assortment of transportation options that are attractive, efficient, and affordable.  Such a system attracts new riders and the existing riders have more and hopefully all of their needs met. Good public transportation helps build a better quality of life.

New trends require additional investments

Wisconsin is facing changes that will create new needs for our transportation system to address. 

Between 2015 and 2040, the population of Wisconsin residents of age 65 years or older will increase by 72%.  A 2019 WISPIRG study: Millennials on the Move, finds 75% of Wisconsin college educated residents surveyed identify a preference for transit as they decide where they wish to locate for their next job.  Both of these Wisconsin trends predict a greater reliance on transit and specific needs waiting to be addressed.

A vision requires investment

As Wisconsin’s state transportation budget has not provided any increases for investments in public transiit over the past 15 years, it has been nearly impossible to add services.  We see this first hand in the Fox Cities.   Valley Transit’s recently adopted 5-year development plan includes some bus routes running more frequently and some routes added to reach destinations not currently served.  Riders were very excited to hear about these improvements. Yet, the reality is that very few of these recommendations can move forward without additional funding.  Riders once again do not receive the services they need.  Funding continues to be the obstacle for moving forward with plans that can strengthen our transportation system.

For these reasons, our ESTHER transit task force remains focused on educating our community and our leaders about the need for a more comprehensive transportation system and investments to make it happen.  Consider showing your support for strengthening public transit by attending any of our virtual transit meetings, the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  You can request the zoom link at on the list of upcoming events.

Future transportation posts will explore securing investments for biking, walking and public transit, highlight how development of multi-modes of transportation and less reliance on cars can help address climate change, identify health benefits, and overall benefits for our community.

Connie Kanitz, ESTHER transit task force chair

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