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WISDOM update November 17

ACTIONS you can participate in this week with WISDOM

There is a lot going on this week in the WISDOM statewide network! It feels heavy, but... This is the reason we build social justice organizations! There are some very serious things going on in Burlington, and in our prison system, and we have some real opportunities to take a stand on the side of those who are fighting for justice and compassion.

Public Transit and the Future of Our Community

A Vision for the Future

The members of ESTHER’s Transit Task Force have a vision for a better world and a stronger community tied together by a multimodal transportation system that provides options for everyone. Options include biking, walking, public transit, and personal car use. 

What makes a vibrant transportation system?  It has an assortment of transportation options that are attractive, efficient, and affordable.  Such a system attracts new riders and the existing riders have more and hopefully all of their needs met. Good public transportation helps build a better quality of life.

New trends require additional investments

Wisconsin is facing changes that will create new needs for our transportation system to address. 

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