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Madison Action Day 2023

Thursday, April 27, 2023 (All day)
State Capitol, Madison

Register Now for Madison Action Day 2023

Ride and Rally for Reform!

Ride . . . . .     the bus to Madison
Rally . . . . .    on the Capitol Steps
Relay . . . . .   your views and values to your legislators
Reignite . . .   your fire for justice!

We are excited for Madison Action Day 2023 on April 27! We will gather at the Wisconsin Masonic Center, 301 Wisconsin Ave, Madison at 9:00 am and then make our way together to the Wisconsin State Capitol Building. Event in Madison ends at 3.

Community members from all across the state will be coming together for this special event.  There will be food, speakers and opportunities to meet with legislators . . . who make the decisions that impact our lives and our state!

Buses will be filling up in the Fox Valley to transport people to Madison.

Now is the time to JOIN US in making your voice heard for issues you care about, whether it be mass incarceration, environmental justice, immigration or so much more!

Register Now: MAD2023

Please register by April 6 so we can begin to organize our visits to legislators.  A booklet outlining our budget priorities will be provided to each participant prior to Madison Action Day to help with preparations for our visits. Each legislator will also receive a copy of the booklet.  At each district visit, we need a facilitator and someone to speak for each budget priority. You can volunteer to speak or come along to show support for these recommendations. 

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