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Voices of Hope - a Reader’s Theater

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Voices of HopeVoices of Hope is a reader’s theatre presentation that brings to life the stories of immigrants living in the Fox Valley through prose, poetry and music. Due to the limitations of in-person gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the presentation is now available as a pre-recorded video for Zoom and similar online meetings of your organization. The trailer, available here, will give you a glimpse of the content and format for the presentation.

Contact the ESTHER office (920-843-8083 or to learn more about how you can host Voices of Hope.

Directed by Kris Clouthier, the presentation is based on interviews from Peter Geniesse’s book Illegal: NAFTA Refugees Forced to Flee. It was developed by the ESTHER Immigration Task Force to help viewers identify with immigrants and understand the reasons why many endure traumatic journeys to come to America. This presentation shares the moral and legal issues associated with immigration and calls us to take a stand.

The individuals reading these stories are not the individuals from the stories; their names and locations have been changed to protect their families. The presentation offers the voices of those who live in the shadows, who cannot speak for themselves, yet live with hope to get out of the shadows and pursue their American dreams.

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