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Walk In Our Shoes: Understanding the Latino Experience

The Walk In Our Shoes Latino simulation experience is designed to help participants understand what it’s like to live as a Latino in our community. It is a simulation, not a game. The object is to focus and sensitize participants to the realities faced by area Latinos.  In the simulation, up to 52 participants assume the roles of up to 26 Latino individuals.  The experience lasts from two to three hours. It includes an introduction and briefing, the actual simulation exercise, and a debriefing period in which participants and volunteer staffers share their reactions and experiences.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants a greater understanding of Latinos living in our community—especially those who have contact with the local Latino population. Walk in our Shoes is an excellent tool for diversity training, leadership, and staff development.

Educators: School administrators, staff, teachers, counselors, students  (high school, college) 

Community Leaders: Business professionals, government, law enforcement, universities, Chamber of Commerce staff 

Non Profits, Churches: leaders, social service workers, non-profit agency staff

Why attend or host a simulation event?

  • To experience the power, impact and benefits of Walk in our Shoes firsthand
  • To learn about the issues facing Latinos in our community
  • To increase understanding, community conversation, cultural sensitivity and awareness
  • To combat myths, stereotypes and promote cultural understanding
  • To learn about opportunities to be a catalyst for change

How Does the Simulation Work?

ESTHER provides a facilitator who has worked side-by-side with the Latino community and organizations that serve Latinos. We draw from diverse backgrounds and experience to present the most effective simulation possible. The hosting organization provides volunteers (see below) who fill specific resource roles (school officials, employers, law enforcement personnel, social services staff, medical staff, etc.) during the simulation.

Is There a Cost?

The normal cost to conduct the simulation in the Fox Valley region is $300 for non-profit organizations and $500 for for-profit organizations. Simulations occurring outside of the Fox Valley will incur an additional charge for travel expenses.

Are There Any Additional Requirements?

  • A room large enough to accommodate 26 people with space to move, interact and set up tables that act as resource stations for the simulation
  • A minimum of 14 volunteers supplied by the organization (available 1 hour prior to simulation for training)
  • Completed enrollment form (minimum 26 participants for each simulated session)
  • Optional – projector/table/video screen or empty wall for projection
  • Room setup – 10 tables, 50-75 chairs

How Can I Register?

Send an email indicating your interest, date and the number of people in your group to:

Questions About Attending or Hosting A Simulation?

For more information about Walk In Our Shoes please contact the ESTHER office at (920) 843-8083.

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